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follow on from the Serious Incident Report of 22nd October 2019 - CLICK HERE

Revenues Manager

Vale of Glamorgan Council

Civic Offices

Holton Road


CF63 4RU


In reply to the summons of

01 02 24

Re 50 c Holton Road – 101543000

Court Summons Reference: 6873


As of 11th. March 2024, the result of this is that the Court according to Chris of Vale of Glamorgan Council will take out a LIABILITY ORDER (not an enforcement order against the ministry.) This of course affects our reputation and so it is important to pay the £6,020-84 as soon as possible so as to remove the order.

We still plead our innocence, however, with the defence that follows placing in context events that lead up to this summons. The written Constitution of the nation however demands law to be applied with law and justice in mercy, this Constitution sadly no longer it would seem to be in practice in Britain so before God we issue our defence asking you to seek God over what you should give to clear what is demanded from unjust law.

We do thank Chris of the Council for being sympathetic and helpful for the context reveals all both in this report and the revelation of Jezebel in the VICTIM report.

The three trustees, two pensioners and one on minimum wage are taking responsibility for the summons - we would of course appreciate your help in clearing the demand ASAP.

Please note: neither the Charity or Trustees have any savings.


In reply to our defence, Chris of the Council was most helpful - he in effect saying that yes the charitable relief is there, but not on an empty building which had been swiftly vacated by former trustee Clive Stanley Bate, who had neglected his legal responsibilities as a trustee according to our SERIOUS INCIDENT REPORT OF 22nd October 2019 - CLICK HERE

11 MARCH 2024: TARGET - £6,020-84 - Donations In - £457-55 - OWING: £5,563-29

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