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Today's Faculty Restoring the Heritage of Former Rees Howells Missionary William Griffiths now in heaven ................

International Director of Studies Rev Dr Suresh Ramachandran 

Sheila Standish (former Minister and Intercessor with this ministry) gave of her life and resources to the call of God and was particularly close to the work of Suresh and Mercy in Sri Lanka, where the poor are educated and supported into ministry.


Name             : Suresh Selvakumaran Ramachandran.

Address         : 180, Suduhumpola, Kandy 20000, Sri Lanka.

Phone                        : +94-81-4917405.

Mobile                        : +94-77-1231120

Email              :

Faith               : Born again Pentecostal  Full Gospel Christian belief in the Holy Bible as the ultimate inerrant Word of God.

Marital Status: Married.


Senior Pastor            - Mount Carmel Church, Bellwood, Sri Lanka.

Principal/Professor              - Mount Carmel Theological College, Bellwood, Sri Lanka.

Lecturer                     - La Scoula Biblica, Milan, Italy.

International Director of Studies: Bible College of Wales (Continuing)



Extra Occupational Enterprises:


Mentor and Doctrinal Supervisor, Zion Evangelical Church, Paris, France.

International Conference Speaker (On frequent invitations)..

Visiting Professor: Royal Bible College, Kandy, Sri Lanka.

International Itinerant preacher and teacher.

Teacher of Christian Series, Swarga TV, Colombo,Sri Lanka.


PhD in Theology, University of Jerusalem, 2012.

Concentration: Temple Theology, Eschatology.



PhD in Biblical Studies, IBC&S Missouri, 2004. 

            Concentration: Prophets and Prophecy of the OT.



PhD in Psychology, University of Concordia, 2000.

            Concentration: Clinical Psychology, Advanced Psychopathology.



M.A.    Biblical Studies, IBC&S Missouri, 1998.

B.A. (Hon.), Theology and Christian Ministry, University of Manchester, UK, 1996.



Dip.Th Theology, AGBC Ceylon, 1989.




Principal and Professor, 1996 to present,

Mount Carmel Theological College, Bellwood, Sri Lanka.



Senior Pastor, 1999 to present,

Mount Carmel Church, Bellwood, Sri Lanka.



Bible School pioneer, 1996 to 1999,

School & College of Theology and Ministry, Kandy, Sri Lanka.



Assistant Pastor, 1989 to 1993,

Lighthouse Church, Kandy, Sri Lanka.



Senior Ticketing Officer, 1985 to 1986,

Trust Travels, Colombo, Sri Lanka.



Area Executive and Manager, 1985,

Ceylon Cold Stores – Pepsi Cola Operations, Colombo, Sri Lanka.



Research Skills:

Extensive knowledge of comparative religions of Hinduism, Buddhism.

Knowledge of Judaism and Islam.

Knowledge of Guruism and Demonism.

Knowledge of Ancient, European and Asian Histories.

Extensive knowledge of the OT of the Holy Bible.




Revelation Series, Vol. 1 - Christ of Revelation, 2006.

Revelation Series, Vol. 2, 2006.

Revelation Series, Vol. 3, 2006.

Yesu Christuhuvin Velippadu (Tamil), 2006.

Examining the Prophets, Tate Publishers, USA, 2004.

Old Testament Prophets, 2004.

Palaya Etpaattu Theerkatharisigal (Tamil), 2004.


Awards and Honors:



·         Universal Biblical Scholar, Chennai, India, 2012.

·         Academic Excellent Award, 2004.






·         Microsoft Office, Internet.

·         Professional Musical Instruments – Flute, Guitar, Piano, Keyboards.

·         Professional Vocalism – Secular & Religious.

·         Poetry and Lyricism in Tamil Sinhala and English – Secular and Religious.

·         Television Presentation – Commentaries, Interviews, Lecturers, Live answers to live questions, teaching and preaching.

·         Fluency in Tamil, Sinhala, English.

·         Reading and writing ability in Ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek and Acadian.

·         Speaking ability in Malayalam.

U.K. National Director of Studies: E M Lindsay Griffiths

Personal and Family Details

E. Mail            

Date of Birth              21. August, 1948

Born in                      Glasgow, Scotland

Parental Background   William Anderson - Father: Business Executive and British Army Major based in India (pictured with bow tie on front row)and later Business Partner in a chain of Outfitters based in Central Scotland. Church of Scotland Elder and Treasurer at Blair Atholl, Perthshire Parish challenging the Kirk Session – Is it the Kirk or the Lodge? 


Elspeth Anderson – Mother: Housewife looking after family home in Stirlingshire before retirement to Perthshire where she kept a fine country home. 


 Married on 23. November, 1985 at Dundee, Scotland to Rev. Dr. Cllr David P. Griffiths, now fellow Faculty Member of Bible College of Wales Continuing.


Education and Qualifications


1958 – 1966: Dollar Academy, Scotland.School Prizes: Kennedy Medal for the Best Pupil in Form V (1965)Mylne MedalVI Form Dux of School (1966) 


 Certificates                 S.C.E. “O” Grades:      

Mathematics, Arithmetic(1964)                                     


S.C.E. “H” Grades:                               

English, French, Latin, Greek, History (1965)                                     

Art (1966)   


1966 – 1970:

St. Andrews University, Scotland    Subjects studied: Latin, Greek, Ancient History, Moral Philosophy Degree: M.A. Honours Classics with Ancient History (June 1970)          


Postgraduate Qualifications  

June 1971: University of Strathclyde

Diploma in Vocational Guidance (Dip.V.G.) June 1975:


University of Glasgow and Jordanhill College of Education Diploma in Education (Dip.Ed.) and Teachers Certificate (Secondary Education) December 1981:


Dundee College of Education:

College Certificate in Guidance  December 1999:


Mount Carmel Theological College, Bellwood,

Sri Lanka led by Dr. Suresh Ramachandran: 2012

Honorary Doctor of Philosophy Degree in the field of Classics, Classical Civilisation particularly in relation to New Testament Background.


Career History till Present


Bible College of Wales Continuing

U.K. Director of Studies

Pentecostal Holiness Church Continuing



September 1992 – 31 August 2009

01 February 2010 to 31 August 2010


The Queen’s School, Chester

Teacher of Classics & Head of Department within that time


Experience gained:

1.Latin and Classical Civilization to G.C.S.E.,

     AS and A2 Levels

2.  Greek to G.C.S.E., AS and A2 Levels

3.  Religious Studies

4.  Personal and Social Education. R.S. Modules

5.  Manager and Editor of the School Magazine,

     Have Mynde.

6.  School Assembly Coordinator.


December 1988 –      

Highland Craftworld, Inverness

September 1992         Retail Fashion Buyer and Manager,

Salesperson and Display Artist.

Individual teaching tuition was also given

during this time.


August 1988 – December 1988: 

Gordonstoun School, Duffus, Morayshire    

Part Time Teacher of Classics

Subjects: Latin (Third Form); G.C.S.E. Classical Civilization; “A” Level, Classical Civilization


January 1987 –           Highland Regional Council,

July 1988                   Inverness Division

                                Supply/Relief Teacher

Several periods of relief teaching in three local Comprehensive schools.

(Latin, Classical Studies, English and History)


High School of Dundee old boys reunion in Peliti’s Restaurant,Calcutta, India, 1928 – Scots being long associated with India


February 1978 – January 1986: High School of Dundee, Dundee, Angus, Scotland

Teacher of Classics promoted to Assistant Principal Teacher (Guidance).

In May 1980 (i.e. Head of Year for Form 3 Girls, equivalent to Year 10)


Experience Gained:

1.    Latin and Classical Studies in SI and SII

2.    Latin, Greek, and Classical Studies to

S.C.E. “O” Grade

                                      3.  Latin and Greek to “H” Grade

                                      4.  Latin and Greek to C.S.Y.S. Level

                                          (Scottish Certificate of Sixth Year Studies)

5.    Latin and Greek to “A” Level

6.    Latin and Greek for Oxbridge Entrance

and University Bursary Competitions

7.    Interviewing, teaching and administrative

experience connected with guidance

8.    Two years of teaching Religious Education


January 1976 – January 1978:

Jedburgh Grammar School, Jedburgh, Roxburghshire

Teacher in Charge of Classics Department



August 1975 –            Duncanrig Secondary School,

January 1976             East Kilbride, Lanarkshire

                                Teacher of Classics


 August 1971 – September 1974


Careers Officer, Strathclyde Region


Programmes Director: David P Griffiths


Personal and Family Details

E. Mail          

Date of Birth          15. June, 1953

Born in                  Liverpool, England

Parental Background      

Father : Christian Minister and Social Worker;

Mother : State Registered Nurse;

Brother : Social Worker having been first Director of Childline;

Sister : Primary School Teacher. 


Married on 23. November, 1985 at Dundee, Scotland to E.M.Lindsay Griffiths, 

Children:Matthew; John.


Educational Experience


Secondary School       1964 – 1971  :

Scarisbrick Hall, Southport & Anfield Comprehensive School, Liverpool.


Certificates                 G.C.E. “O” Levels :

                                Scripture Knowledge, English Language,

                                General Studies, History*

(*CSE Grade 1 equivalent)


College                      1992 – 1996 :

                                Elim Bible College, London Road , Nantwich, Cheshire : Offered from Manchester University a B.A. Honours Degree in Theology and Christian Ministry which was refused due to its heavy reliance on the application of "Higher Criticism" thus the Bible College of Wales does not recognise any theology degree with such reliance, as this reliance is a question of the deity of Christ Jesus.


The very Department of Theology Elim was offering its degrees through at that time had been previously warned against by the Assemblies of God in Redemption Tidings, July 1924.











Redemption Tidings, July 1924.


Acceptance by Manchester University of the Degree Refusal.








Mount Carmel Theological College, Bellwood,

Sri Lanka led by Dr. Suresh Ramachandran: 2012


Honorary Doctor of Philosophy Degree in the field of Philosophy, and for continuing Pentecostal Theology above the attacks of higher criticism & paganism in the "Church."


In - Service Training


Grass Roots course on Sales Training and Management.

SCOTVEC Computer Studies at Midmills College, Inverness, Scotland.


Employment Experience


1972 – 1977       Self-Employed Presenter, Compere, Promotions Management – most of the time with Rank Leisure Services in Liverpool and Southampton 


During this time I compered concerts including those of 10CC, Queen, etc. cabaret shows including working with Roy Castle, Kenny Ball etc. as well as compering a Miss Great Britain Beauty Show Area Final.

On the D.J. side I worked with Paul Burnett, Ed Stewart etc. as well as having had Hospital Radio experience interviewing the then Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Harold Wilson, Tony Bennett, Mike Yarwood, The New Seekers, Cardew Robinson, Diana Dors etc. etc.


1978 – 1988 D.R.G. J. Arthur Dixon, Forest Side,

Newport, Isle Of Wight, PO30 5QW.


During this time: Tourist Products Sales Representative in Wales, Peak District, West Midlands and part of Yorkshire.

Tourist Products Sales Representative

in Scotland from Stirling North.

Northern U.K. Regional Sales Manager From South Wales up to North Shetland.

Three Times: Salesperson of the Year*. (*Competition to decide most successful salesperson)

Lectured in Sales Training Sessions and ran a very successful sales team.

Landscape Photographer  for postcards as well as being a Buyer of transparencies from other photographers. Publisher of postcard range, desk calendar guide books, and Guide Book.


1988 – 1992               Sole Proprietor of Retail Craft and

                                Tourist Shop, Highland Craftworld.

                                12A, Church Street, Inverness, Scotland .


 During this time :       Organized, planned and started large,

                                Retail gift and fashion operation.

                                Introduced computerised stock control

                                system – one of the early pioneers of

                                independent shops to do this.

                                Pioneered an independent computerised

                                accommodation booking agency and

                                Bureau de Change.

                                Produced own printed and radio



 1992 – 1996               See Education Section


 Sep. 1996- Dec. 1996                 


Sales Representative.

                                Antioch Limited, Thatcham, Berkshire.

                                Marketing of Christian products, bookmarks, posters, stationery etc, mostly to the Christian bookshop trade.


 1997 – NOW Founder of the Registered Charity: Life Changing Ministries International Church South Cheshire Trust U.K. Charity Commission No. 1065192; Secretary and Director: L.C.M. Trading Limited. U.K. Registered at Companies House No. 4607412.

My role has been in training and perfecting church workers in U.K., U.S. and Asia to bring about conditions for relief from sickness and poverty. Within this calling has come the setting up of teaching conferences and meetings which have gone on for some time in Sri Lanka and India working with ministries on the ground, as shown on the right in Vavuniya, Sri Lanka when the war was on in 2001.


Part of this outreach has been in attempting to set up mission houses in devastated lands particularly in the North of Sri Lanka which has suffered eighteen years of war and now a major Tsunami whilst the national side of our ministry is designed to bring Britain back to its strong moral and determined role as is shown in its Christian Constitutional acts of 1534, 1689 and 1700.

One such media mission house is now built in Sri Lanka.



Bible College of Wales Continuing & ECCTV

Programmes Director

Pentecostal Holiness Church Continuing


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